I believe in everyone retiring has the same right to great income producing products as the wealthy.  Having been in the world of finance for over two decades and having been a Registered Investment Advisor in my earlier days I have learned a substantial amount of knowledge in the world of finance.  Most people don't understand my saying "What you own is dictated by where you shop".  In the financial services industry there is no truer statement.  Additionally as stated in my book Millionaire Advisor, there are products out there that normally provide a much higher secure income than the high priced retail annuities, I call them Discounted Income Contracts.  Having seen the difference first hand I stopped selling retail annuities and gave up my license.  Get more money for your money and have less strings attached.

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Age: 54
HOMETOWN: Tacoma Washington
CURRENT HOME: Port Charlotte
PASSION: Helping People
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Retirement Services Provides

Long Term Safe Income

Purchasing Equities at a discount to book value, that pay income monthly, and adding protection, this may be the best way to invest in equities.

If your looking to get 4%-6% on your short term money 12 - 18 months then you simply must go outside the retail establishment.

If your looking to get more money for your money, you simply must compare whatever you have seen or have to a Discounted Income Contract.

Dividend Investing

Short Term High Interest Investments

Professional Experience

Registered Investment Advisor

  • Money individually managed between equities and insurance (estimated) exceeded fifteen million. 
  • Provided money management services as well as investment advisor and insurance services.
Retirement Services LLC
  • Company offers help in obtaining Discounted Income Contracts as well as First Position Mortgage notes. 
  • For those that enjoy equity investing a subscription only services is available.
December 2013 - Current
Approximately 1996 - 2011

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Millionaire Advisor

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